Witch Lala.

Original artist doll, bjd, one of the kind, 29 cm, papier-mache.

For sale - 22000 roubles (postage included)


Original artist doll, one of the kind, 41cm, plastic, papier-mache.

For sale - 12000 roubles (postage included)

My name is Unnamed.

Original artist doll, one of the kind, 30cm, papier-mache, textile, wood, mirror.

For sale - 25000 roubles (postage included)

Cellist Leo.

Original artist doll. 33cm, one of the kind, papier-mache, textile, wood.

For sale - 15000 roubles (postage included).


Chalk overlay paper A4, Chinese ink, gouache, coloured pencils

Broken doll doesn't sorrow.

21,5\27 cm (paper, chinese ink, gouache, coloured pencils)


27\21 cm (chalk overlay paper, chinese ink, coloured pencils)

Tea Party at the Swamp Witch's Place.

(Chalk overlay paper 21cm \ 27,5cm. Chinese ink, coloured pencils.)